Mini RoboMind - Starting at $89  

The Mini RoboMind is a compact robot control board the provides the powerful processing power that is ideal for building advanced robots.  The Mini RoboMind is specifically designed for amateur robotics with easy to uses interfaces and the processing power to develop advanced algorithms.  

The Mini RoboMind is easily programmed using assembly, SBasic, or C/C++.  The compact size fits with in the mini sumo specifications and the TPU provides boundless interface opportunities for I/O intensive applications such as autonomous walking robots and firefighters.  The Mini RoboMind is easily interfaced to sensors such as flame detectors, line detectors, microphones, IR, vector 2x compass, SPI devices, encoders, gyros, accelerometers,  cameras , and many more.  The Mini RoboMind would also make a great platform to experiment with multiple agents interacting in a common environment.