Mini RoboMind - $79 

The Mini RoboMind is an ideal platform for beginner, intermediate or advanced amateur robotics.  The Mini RoboMind is specifically designed for building robots of every kind.  The Mini RoboMind is small enough for mini sumo and powerful enough for advanced algorithm development.

The Mini RoboMind contains a MC68332 microprocessor, 512K of Flash, and 32K or 512K of RAM and measures 2.95 inches square.  The Mini RoboMind is easily programmed.

The Mini RoboMind 1.1a layout and schematic.  Notice the A/D, TPU, Port E and Port F header across the top of the image, the LCD port on the right of the image and the 4 SPI ports on the left bottom.  The Flash and A/D chips are mounted on the left under the socket for the RAM.  The TTL serial port, BDM port and power connector are left to right across the bottom.  All parts are mounted on the top side of the board.  The SPI ports each include separate power and ground pins as well as two additional pins from Port F (IRQ Port).  The A/D, TPU, Port E and Port F header provides two additional rows of pins for power and ground so that for every pair of pins, there are two power and ground pins.  This arrangement is ideal for connecting sensors and drivers.  The LCD port provides two additional chip select pins which allows the LCD port to double as a memory mapped device port.

See picture of the Mini RoboMind 1.2 measuring 2.95" by 2.95".