Specifications - MRM 1.2


     16 MHz MC68332 TPU Mask A (Basic configuration)  
     25 MHz MC68332 TPU Mask G (All package configurations)  
      512K x 8 Flash, preloaded with CPU32BUG in first sector
      RAM 32Kx8 RAM (512Kx8 optional)
      A/D Converter, 7 Channel 8 Bit 1MPS+
      (Battery Backup Capability optional)
      Reset Monitor

      Reset switch

      2 Programmable LED's

      Voltage regulator

        (1) Unregulated or +5V power port
        (1) Serial port, TTL + pwr/gnd (On-board RS232 converter optional)
     (1) BDM port (10 pin, DS is not connected)

        (4) SPI ports (Separate 8 pin ports with pwr/gnd)
        (1) Enhanced LCD port

                Standard Character LCD Interface

                3 additional chip selects

                3 additional address lines

                CLKOUT, Reset

                2 IRQ lines
        (2) Servo ports (Isolated pwr)
        (1) Servo power port
        (1) Port E (general I/O)
        (1) Port F (general I/O and/or Interrupts)

        (1) 16 Channel TPU (Power/Gnd per 2 pins)