GNU C/C++:


Precompiled binaries for the GNU GCC C/C++ compiler can be found at


Karl Lunt's SBasic for the M68K:


Karl Lunt has ported his popular SBasic compiler to support the Motorola M68K Family.  

Karl Lunt's SBasic Compiler for the M68K can be downloaded from here.  The download includes a users manual for SBasic and a copy of Motorola's freeware assembler for the MC68332.  Download the modified START68K.LIB file which supports the auto run capability built in to the modified CPU32BUG.

Karl's users manual provides detailed instructions for using the SBasic compiler for the MC68332.



Motorola's freeware MC68332 assembler.  


The Mini RoboMind boots a modified version of Motorola's CPU32BUG.  Motorola's CPU32BUG has been modified with Flash S-Record load and Flash sector erase capabilities as well as an enhanced auto run feature.  

Motorola's CPU32BUG Users Manual is available here.  

User programs can be loaded in to battery backed RAM or Flash using CPU32BUG over the serial interface.  Specially tagged programs will be automatically run by CPU32BUG after reset.  The auto run feature can be overridden by sending a character through the serial port during initialization.

Modified Commands:

LO    Load S-Record - Loads S-Record files normally.  However, when loading files to the internal Flash, LO handles all Flash write setup and in addition, will not allow writes to sector 0 containing the CPU32BUG.

Additional Commands:

EF    Erase Flash - Erases sectors 1-7 (Memory locations 0x90000-0xFFFFF).  Sector 0 which contains the modified CPU32BUG is not erased.



*** New BD32F Software, updated 24 June 2001 ***

Download BD32F, modified to download S-Records to AMD compatible Flash.  

To reload the MRM version of CPU32BUG, enter the following at the BD32F prompt:

Command Comment
STOP CPU should be stopped.  If not hit the reset button once, now it should be. 
DO IMC.BDM              Executes the BD32 script, IMC.BDM, to initialize the chip selects etc.
CPU should still be stopped.
Verify memory read out at 0x80000 matches comment near end of script.
EF 0   Erases the first sector of the flash (0x80000-0x8FFFF).
MD 0x80000  You should see all FF's.
LF MCBUG.S19 0x80000  This loads MCBUG.S19 in to the flash and takes about 5 minutes, you should see status as the file loads.  The 0x80000 specifies the load offset address required to load MCBUG.S19 starting at the beginning of flash, 0x80000.

** MCBUG2.S19 is compiled for 16.778Mhz and 19200 baud.

You are now done.  You should have a fresh load of the CPU32BUG program.


Information Available from Motorola:


Motorola MC68332 Documentation