MRM AppNote: 'MRMGDB' Using C


This zip has the GDB stub for the MRM and a sample application called MRMGDB.  MRMGDB just turns on the green LED and flashes the red LED.

To use:

load MRMGDB.s19 in to the MRM
reset the MRM

run GDB with the following command:

gdb68k -b 19200 --command=mrmgdb.ini

which configures for 19200 buad and executes the commands in mrmgdb.ini

Breakpoints can not be used since the code is in flash.

GDB68K.ZIP 1.5 Meg 

GDB68K was built under cygwin from source downloaded from with the following commands:

configure --target=m68k-coff    (note: two '-''s before target)

Under Construction